Apply & Comply: The Importance of a Compliance Program

In November 2020 Ryan Duggan, Director of Fire and Life Safety for the City of Toronto was our Apply & Comply guest speaker presenting results from the Auditor General’s Report “Raising the Alarm” and the City of Toronto’s audit into compliance of City buildings.

The largest takeaway from Ryan’s presentation was the importance of building owners/operators ensuring compliance of Fire and Life Safety systems with the use of qualified vendors and comprehensive reporting. This includes ensuring vendors are compliant, reports are thoroughly completed and meet all necessary requirements, fire and life safety equipment have received and are up to date on all required services. This is a time-consuming process that can be difficult to manage, particularly with multiple sites.

Presenter Sanj Patel, principal of Ignis Building Solutions will highlight some of the key areas where gaps can result in non-compliance as well as review some potential safeguards to avoid issues. Sanj discusses the importance of having a due diligence process and the impact that quality reports can have on achieving compliance. During the presentation, Sanj will introduce Ignis’s Compliance Partner Program. A program dedicated to ensuring your properties are up to code and assist with the responsibilities of fire and life safety systems management. All documents and reports are accessible and organized via the ComplianceAssistant tools offered by Building Reports Canada.

Guest Speaker Cindy Leber, President of Building Reports Canada, will introduce the ComplianceAssistant platform. ComplianceAssistant is an online portal for collecting and securing compliance documentation in a secure, centralized location. Allowing building owners/operators to ensure 24/7 compliance updates. The system will not only track and notify of items due but also what is missed or late.