Compliance Partner Program

The Compliance Partner Program is designed to assist building operators reduce the margin of error and oversight in fire and life safety equipment maintenance and compliance through a dedicated partnership. We work with you providing a centralized system to manage the maintenance and compliance of fire and life safety systems, documentation and the implementation of a comprehensive program. Our team of experts will oversee the resolution of any notifications or issues and ensure all reporting is current and up-to-date.

With the Compliance Partner Program, you will be provided with a team of fire and life safety advisors who will ensure:
  • You are informed of issues or concerns
  • You are advised of updates to code and standard requirements
  • A plan is established for addressing issues or concerns
  • The necessary actions are taken
  • A centralized system for reports and documentation is established

Have peace of mind knowing that your fire and life safety systems are code compliant.

Get started with the Compliance Partner Program today.

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