Compliance Status

Compliance Status
Compliance Status
  1. Provides a holistic snapshot of your Fire Safety Compliance in a single and easy to read report.
  2. Ensures your inspection, testing and maintenance programs are in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code.
  3. Protects your business from potential Fire Code violations and fines of up to $1,000,000.
  4. Protects management from personal liability.
  5. Ensures your contractor’s inspections and test records are fulfilling code requirements.
  6. Aids in proving due diligence – 3rd party audit provides reasonable steps taken by a person or corporation to satisfy legal requirements related to Fire Safety.
  7. Builds a corporation’s reputation that the safety of occupants is the top priority.
  8. It provides an objective, independent review of compliance programs, which increases corporate responsibility image and credibility.
  9. Moves the needle of a corporation’s fire program from reactive to proactive by quickly identifying issues that need to be addressed, learning of any program weaknesses and developing a consistent process before an incident.
  10. Drastically improves compliance with legislative requirements.
  11. It provides essential metrics that can be the basis used to report to the company’s management and stakeholders.
  12. Allows the further development of effective strategies to improve corporate safety record. Knowing the errors and gaps is an effective way to improve.
Coming Soon

ComplianceAssistant, powered by BRC, captures and tracks all requirements using the latest technology.  

You can get a dashboard view of what is required, when it is due, if it is late, and if repairs were completed.  Staying compliant means instant access to all reports and documents and knowing the status at all times.

You’ll be reporting compliance with ease.