Fire Warden Training and Fire Drill Facilitation

Ignis Building Solutions offers Fire Warden Training and Fire Drill Facilitation to commercial, industrial, retail, education centres, health care facilities and multi-residential buildings. Training is a critical component of any fire safety plan.

Fire Warden Training

Ignis Building Solutions online Fire Warden Training
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We offer a comprehensive fire warden training program to ensure your staff and designated fire wardens are equipped with the knowledge and experience to safely execute their fire warden duties in the event of an emergency.

Available to employees and management, we provide on-site, in-person training and online video training that covers the fire safety plan unique to your building and property. Our online training is accessed through a custom portal unique to your business and buildings.

A key component of the Fire Code is that supervisory staff and owners are properly trained on their current Fire Safety Plan. This includes:

  • Legislative requirements outlining Fire Warden & Fire Safety Plan requirements
  • Fire Warden key responsibilities
  • Basic fire science and types of fires
  • Common hazards and how to control fire hazards
  • Use of a fire extinguisher
  • Emergency & Persons requiring assistance
  • Building Fire Protection Systems
  • Fire Drills

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Fire Drill Facilitation

Fire Drill Facilitation
Fire Drill Facilitation

We provide supervisory staff, employees and building owners and operators on-site fire drill training. When faced with an emergency, having had the experience of practicing fire drills provides staff with the knowledge and experience to properly execute an evacuation.

We go through the fire drill process giving everyone an opportunity to visualize and walk through the steps required to keep people safe and secure. Our licenced professional staff will answer any questions or concerns regarding what to do in the event of an emergency.

Fire drill training is a proactive step that you can take to ensure the safety of your staff and tenants.

Our training covers:

  • Use of the exit facilities
  • How to use a fire extinguisher
  • How to communicate with the fire department
  • How to help people requiring assistance
  • Review of designated responsibilities
  • Fire drill reporting
  • After-hours evacuation procedures