Fire Safety Plans

**EFFECTIVE 2021, Toronto Fire Service will no longer reset fire alarm systems. Re-setting fire alarm systems are the responsibility of the building operator and their staff.

Fire Safety Plan

Fire Safety Plans are an important element of a property’s fire emergency preparedness. They outline the responsibilities of building owners, property managers, staff and third-party suppliers such as cleaning staff. In order to keep people safe, the Fire Safety Plan provides a system to communicate how to exit the building properly in the event of an emergency alarm, the locations of sprinkler, smoke and fire alarm panels, who is responsible for assisting fire services and more.

Fire Safety Plans are required under the Ontario Fire Code, Section 2.8 Under Emergency planning.

A Fire Safety Plan includes:

  • Outline of Responsibilities
  • Emergency procedures
  • Resetting the Fire Alarm
  • Aiding Persons Requiring Assistance
  • Operating a Fire Extinguisher (P.A.S.S.)
  • Building Access
  • Emergency Shut-offs
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Control of Fire Hazards
  • Fire Watch Log

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