Building Audits

A building audit is the best place to start when it is time to evaluate the efficacy of your inspection, testing and maintenance program. Protect yourself from potential fines or violations of the Ontario Fire Code.

Our building audits are proactive and provide a holistic snapshot in an easy-to-read report. Quickly get up to speed on the status of your program and equipment. We provide you with important metrics you can use as a reporting basis to management and shareholders. Drastically improve compliance with a strategic plan to improve your ITM program based on a building audit and review.

Ignis Building Solutions has over 25 years of fire and life safety experience and a team of qualified field professionals.

A Building Audit will:
  • ensure your inspection, testing and maintenance programs are in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code
  • ensures contractor’s inspection and test records are fulfilling Code requirements
  • cover due diligence by an independent third party
  • outline reasonable steps and measures that can be taken to satisfy legal requirements
  • provide a snapshot of gaps and errors
  • allow for the development of a strategy to improve your corporate safety record

Did you know?

Included with our Compliance Partner Program is ComplianceAssistant. ComplianceAssistant is a tracking tool designed to keep records in a central location and accessible remotely. Enjoy instant access to your reporting documentation from anywhere, anytime.

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