About Us

  • Our mission is to partner with you to ensure your building meets or exceeds required fire and life safety protocols.  By providing holistic solutions to Building Owners/Managers and Life Safety Service Contractors, we will:  


    • EDUCATE our clients about fire and building code compliance requirements
    • FACILITATE inspections, systems servicing and verify completion of work
    • IMPLEMENT safety audits and pro-active planning for ongoing building management
    • RESPOND when you need us – 24-hours a day – Ignis Building Solutions is just a phone call away.


    Our team of professionals is specifically trained and experienced in all aspects of Fire and Life Safety. We have key strategic partners with industry resources that ensure we are cost-effective and results-driven. Each job has a designated Account Manager to oversee all assessments, plans and projects.

Our Core Team

Sanj Patel, Principal

Sanj Patel has spent over 25 years developing expertise in the Fire and Life Safety industry. He’s now applying his extensive industry knowledge to Ignis Building Solutions.

Sanj always provides practical guidance to a multitude of Fire and Life Safety issues. He has a reputation for going the extra mile and puts his customers’ needs first.

He built the Ignis Building Solutions team from people he has worked with over the years, which has allowed the company to develop quickly.

Sanj is active in industry associations such as CFAA, BOMA, NFPA and CANASA, to stay on top of developments in the industry. He is a licensed CFAA (Canadian Fire Alarm Association) Technician.

He spends his free time with his family, including two young daughters. Otherwise, you’ll find him working on lowering his handicap.

Chris Harte, Technical Director

For over 20 years, Chris Harte has worked all aspects of the Fire Prevention and Life Safety industry as a technician, project manager, Life Safety Superintendent, teacher and in sales and management. He continues to be hands-on in dealing with fire alarm systems, both large and small.

Leading the Technical Services Department at Ignis Building Solutions, Chris is in charge of the subcontractors and technicians performing audits, inspections, testing, and validations. His knowledge in Alarm Systems, Fire Management, Fire Suppression Systems, Sprinkler, and Building Codes is invaluable.

Chris is a Fire Protection Engineering Technician with a 2-year certificate from Seneca College and a registered CFAA Technician. He is well versed in Fire Code, ULC Code, and  NFPA Code as they pertain to fire alarm systems.

When Chris isn’t spending time with his family, he prefers sitting quietly on a beach most anywhere.

Blake Smith, Senior Technical Consultant

Blake started in the industry over ten years ago as a Fire Alarm technician who oversaw installations and verifications on large- and smaller-scale projects. He moved into Sales and Project Management in 2014.

Blake’s technical background is essential when he is looking out for the best interests of our clients and their projects as well as overseeing other consultants and project managers. He supports the consulting side of the business with the technical know-how needed to tender projects, review reports, and manage accounts. He has performed this role with Sanj, at two different companies, since 2016.

Blake is a graduate of Seneca College’s Fire Protection Engineering Technician 2-year program and a registered CFAA Technician. Blake has also been a programmer for Notifier by Honeywell fire alarm systems.

Like a lot of tech-minded people, Blake has always been hands-on and fascinated by how things work. Since he was a kid, he enjoyed taking things apart to put them back together again. Today he still likes to DIY on home renos and car repairs.

Michael Sequiera, Senior Estimator/ Consultant

Michael Sequeira brings over 15 years of experience in the fire alarm and life safety industry.  This includes design and project management of fire alarm installations, special hazards detection and protection in facilities ranging from condominium towers, schools, arenas, data centres, telecom facilities, office buildings, aircraft hangars, and large storage freezers.

Currently based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Michael has previously worked in Southern Ontario and Alberta.  This wide range of environments allows insight into the varying challenges and requirements throughout the different regions.  He has a firm understanding of Building and Fire Codes throughout Canada.

With an original background in fast-paced world of airline operations management, Michael understands mission-critical aspects of businesses and the need to avoid down time.

Michael enjoys his free time by being near the ocean, with family or doing renovations around the house.

Tania Barnes, Office Manager/ Executive Assistant

Tania Barnes has not only worked with Fire Alarm & Sprinkler systems, but also HVAC, Electrical, and Security. She has been involved in inspection, testing, and maintenance through various sales roles over the past 20 years.

She has known and been mentored by Sanj Patel for many years. Tania has also crossed paths with Blake Smith before Ignis Building Solutions. He provided her with technical support on fire alarm systems sales calls.

Tania brings a well-developed set of customer service skills to the company. She enjoys being part of a team that sees education in codes and standards as an industry-wide responsibility. You can always reach out to Tania, no matter what the issue.

She took an abnormal route to Fire and Life Safety via art school, taking courses at both at OCA and Sheridan. The only artwork she fits into her schedule these days is crafts with the kids and the odd tattoo design.


What our clients have to say…

“Life safety is not an extra; it’s a necessity. When I’m looking to establish what the building requires, I find a 3rd party like Ignis Building Solutions offers solutions based on our needs rather than the narrow view from a manufacturer. Issues and potentially dangerous situations happen when people are not aware of what is required by law. “ 

Signe Klein,
Director Property Management
Choice Properties REIT

“In any project, there are tense moments when the team is debating what is in scope and what is not. Ignis plays a pivotal role in managing the project, ensuring that value is delivered back to the owner, it is fair to the contractor, and the result is a high-quality job and installation.”

David DeCiantis, 

Project Manager & Estimator 

JD Electric Services